Lightmass - Different Color on Same Static Mesh Problem

Lightmass - Different Color on Same Static Mesh Problem

It’s a Architecture outdoor scene which has only two lights - Directional(Warm Orangish Color) and Skylight(Light Blue). The texture applied to the pillar is in grey color while the results have two different colors on the same static mesh as you can see in the below images(After Light Build):

Also the specular on the pillar is coming from nowhere as there are no lights in the scene expect two of them.

Rotated the pillar 180d but same issue.


Rotated the pillar 180d which is inside the building and it has different results.

Also following are the lightmass settings:

Pillar Uvs:

Lighting Quality set to production
UE 4.10.4

Lightmap Resolution:

Pillars = Static Mesh = 64 Light Map Resolution
One Single Wall = BSP = 32 Light Map Resolution
Ceiling = Static Mesh = 3072 Light Map Resolution

One more thing, ambient occlusion is correct on all places except between the pillars and ceiling which are inside the building.

All I can think of atm is to suggest a mesh/bsp that blocks any and all light coming from bottom/sides that dont have any polygonal surface. sunlight could bounce from a surface, find a gap where there is no bsp/polygon and get into your building.

Thanks for the reply. Problem is if I add bsp/mesh to block the light that is coming from the sides or bottom it will mess up the look of the scene from the outside because those mesh/bsp will be visible from the outside. As the player in the scene have the freedom to go inside and outside of the building.

The problem is solved by changing the lightmap resolution of the pillar to 128. And for the AO, I didn’t found the solution yet.