Lightmaps vs multiple subobjects


i’m recreating a part of my city with multiple buildings. Each one composed of a lot of different subobjects. I have been trying to achieve a good lighting but i’m facing some problems with the scene.
Take this building for example. It’s comprised of more than 200 individual parts, each one with their UVW map and many different materials.

When importing, if i select “combine meshes” (which i normally do as it’s easier to manage the assets) the lightmap resolution is too small for every object in the Building, resulting in a lot of shadow artifacts, even if i increase it to 512. Here you have the lightmap created in the engine and the results.

The other option is to have each object individually, but then i will have a complex scene to manage due to the number of objects.

My questions are:

  • How do you guys manage a big file with a lot of different assets (combined meshes or not?)
  • In case you don’t combine the meshes, is there any way of changing the lightmap resolution for all the objects at the same time? If I have to go one by one I’m gonna get old.

Any input you can give me, will be appreciated. Thanks.

I’m assuming that your using a 3d app to construct the components? is so before we get started what is it as the editor of choice can add issues to the exported file.

Yes, i am. I’m using 3d max and i triangulate all the models before exporting. As you can see in the scene there are other buildings as well. And none have the same issue as this one…they don’t have the same number of objects either, that’s why i’m assuming it is because of that.

Do you usuallly combine the meshes?