Lightmaps on meshes created from BPS

As you can see in the picture above, there’s a lot of “wrongness” on my mesh. I never played with lightmaps and stuff, but after reading some about it, I tried to correct the UV on it. Changed the channel to 1, generated new UV map, rebaked lighting for about 10 times (it takes 30 minutes on my great PC and fairly big scene). Nothing seems to help.

My question is: is there a way to generate lightmaps that will look good on meshes created from BSP? I mean, there is no real reason that it would look like that, any help would be greatly appreciated.


PS: I know that there’s a possibility to easily do that in Maya, but I have no real knowledge of that program. If there’s nothing that can be helped about it inside UE4, do you guys know how to make it look like it looks in the Mesh edit panel? I would much more like to not have baked lightmaps than to have this “glitchiness”.


You must to fix some parameters of mesh.

Open your mesh in an Editor.

Increase Light Map Resolution. Default is 4.

Change Light Map Coorditate Index to 1. Default 0.

Click on the little triangle to Show/Hide more options.

Before fix.

Light Map Resolution - 128

Light Map Coorditate Index - 0

Light Map Resolution - 128

Light Map Coorditate Index - 1

I tried doing what you suggested, here are the results:

I don’t know what is causing this, either high resolution of lightmaps or low - it does look ugly as hell. If there’s no way to get rid of that effect, is there any way to turn the lightmaps off completely or get rid of the shadows of mesh, so only the “clean” lightning that shows in static mesh editor is visible in scene? Thanks in advance

BSP is a very basic tool. You must avoid using this tool for complex modeling. You should use BSP to create blocks or prototyping. All models in your scene must be very simple. Simple models will converted to mesh without errors. If you not familiar with modeling programs such as MAYA, 3DS MAX or Blender, then I want to recommend for you to look these tutorials:

Speed Level Design- Creating home (BSP)- Unreal Engine 4

**How to convert BSP to a static mesh**

This helps in no way with my problem. It is fairly simple object, it has only clean cuts and no shapes other than squares. BSP was used to only outline buildings/windows/doors, and then converted to static mesh.

Regarding your initial response, it helped in a way you probably didn’t intend it to. I had some “fun” with lightmap resolutions and decided to go all the way. I’ve set it to 1024 and recieved back fairly okay results, posted below.

Needles to say, I am 100% sure that if I upped the lightmap resolution to 2048 or even higher, it would bake the lights properly and it would look real, but there’s no point in doing that as I am only doing initial blocking and prototyping.

Thank you for the help and for people who find this: Just up the lightmap resolution from 4 to any power of 2: 8, 16, 32, 64 and so on and check results. You will get results you look for, just takes a little time :wink: