Lightmaps looks different on second computer

Hey all

I am doing a architectural visualization scene in Unreal Engine 4, and have some issues with the baked lightmaps, when i open up the project on another computer. The project itself is located on dropbox, and at no times have the project been open at the same time on both computers, so i dont think its an issue with dropbox.
The lightmap looks great on the building machine, and continues to look great no mather how many times i try to have it open on the other pc. But when i open it up on work pc, the lightmaps look like this

I have checked that file sizes are the same on buildData, and tried multiple things. I am running out of ideas. Does anyone know how to fix this?
It is worth mentioning that unreal engine is 4.21 on both pc’s, and the projekt have been created using unreal studio and datasmith.

So after quite a while with this issue, i finally fixed it. I deleted my DerivedDataCache, and reopened the projekt. That fixed the issue for now. Hope this will help others