Lightmaps: High Resolution?

Hi there,

is it OK to increase the lightmap to something about 2048 or higher for big, modular rooms?
For Example: 15 meter length x 10 meter width x 3 meter heigth.

I tried everything else to get higher quality shadows but nothing worked - And I don’t like to use smaller, modular meshes.


If you have the floor of a room as a separate object then you can probably do fine with either a 512 or 1024 lightmap on the floor, they are very efficient for lightmapping since you can do a simple planar map.
I wouldn’t put the walls/ceiling/floor into the same mesh since that would require even higher lightmaps. So really it depends on how much surface area the mesh is.

I’ll give it a try. Thank you

To have the most control on your lightmap resolutions separate your pieces then vidualize them using Alt-0, you will se checkerboard patterns in different colors, if they are red it means it’s very high resolution if it’s blue its low resolution, then click on each item and override the lightmap on the offending ones, raise it for blue, lower it for red.