Lightmaps completely black after Light building

Hello everyone,

I started having isses with my lightmaps when i recently build my lighting.
I switched to a movable sunlight, since i have to change building height at runtime, so i thought a static lighting wont work anymore.

After switching to a movable light i rebuild lighting to get rid of old shadows.
That worked fine, but i deleted some more building and have some shadow fragments left.

So i rebuild lighting again and all my lightmaps are completely black and my scene turned extremely dark.
Even increasing exposure wont bring back any details in my shadows.

I also tried to get rid of the lightmaps by setting unreal to “Force no precomputet lighting” but unreal just instantly crashes.

The biggest change since my last building lighting was that i increased to landscape by a bit.

I work on a ryzen 1700x, rtx 2080m 16gb of ram.

@Le_Fritz Do you have a skylight? What’s it set to?

I do have a skylight.
It’s set to static and sls capture scene.

@ClockworkOcean I played with the settings and changing the skylight to movable seems to have fixed the issue. Thank you!

if you are going to use a completely dynamic system you could uncheck allow static lighting in your project settings, this will save you shader instructions and also you could disable static permutations.