Lightmaps and triangulation problem

Ok So I read that you are supposed to triangulate fbx’s before you import them to into UE4. So, when I do this it seems like my lightmap is generating shadows in every single tri. Is anyone else running into this problem? I never had this problem with UDK. Should I just import the FBXs normally w/o triangulation? Please help really dont want to fix everything and re-export all of my environment assets. Thank ALL! :slight_smile:

Dont know where you read it but you dont need to triangulate anything before you import.

You can read about it in the documentation: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Content/FBX/StaticMeshes/index.html#triangulation :wink:

lol hmmm that is what I was reading, so the question stands, is that what is causing the problem?

Which 3d program do you use and could you probably post a picture of the result (so the mesh in the ue4 with the bad shadows)?

Oh right…lol

Well i never triangulate anything manually, i dont even let FBX do it. The meshes get triangulated by the engine when they are imported anyway and i’ve never had any problem with that. :\

Edit: The problem with triangulating in the modeling app must be related to smoothing groups. If you want to triangulate before export, then make sure smoothing groups are set properly and imported properly into the engine.

I normally go back and forth between maya and . I have two different sets of UVs one for the maps and one for the lightmaps and none of the UVs overlap. But for these specific items I was exporting them out of maya. Here are the pics:

All of the LODs

The export menu

And in the engine