lightmap unwrapping service


I’m thinking of offering a lightmap unwrapping service, where people send me their models or scenes (sketchup, 3ds, fbx, obj etc), and I then create the uvw’s for the lightmap and return the model/scene to them in fbx format ready for import into unreal.

I remember when I started out, I had masses of problems with overlapping uvs on the lightmap channel, so thought this might be a useful service.

Would anyone be interested in this? If so, you can pm me or drop me an email to



I’m not sure of what people would be willing to pay for such a service, but I was thinking of something like £10 for a single object, £50 for a small scene (100 objects), £75 for a medium scene (500 objects), and £100 for a large scene (max 1000 objects).

For review purposes, if anyone wants to test out the service, i’ll do a full scene for free to the first comer.