Lightmap Tutorial

Can anyone teach me how to make a lightmap???


World of Level Design has an extensive overview for how to properly lightmap for a game engine like UE4. While this series was made using UDK the techniques and information contained still pertains to UE4.

Thank you!


Thank you!

that link says that for a 64 pixel lightmap, you should snap to a grid divided by 64, but i think it should be divided by 62, right? isn’t there a pixel of padding all around the lightmap that subtracts 2 pixels?

I did a test with this a few months ago and only found that it improved in some cases but not all. Here is a sample project I made to test this a while back (4.4.3).

I found that for the main wall it didn’t improve really but the pieces where the ceiling is concerned looked better. If you’re using modular pieces then yes you can improve the lightmaps by using this method. For most standalone assets it would be just fine.

It all depends on the workflow you want to take.

For learning purposes the information on WoLD is fairly accurate for anyone to get started understanding the concepts of lightmapping.