Lightmap problem

Hi there

I have a little problem with lightmapping. I try a lot of things now, different uv´s, different lightmap ressolution and nothing works. Hope you can help me out :wink:

Do you get any errors when you rebuild the light?
Are you sure that the normal map isn’t causing that?

Yeah, it´s seem you`ve overlapping faces or not enough space between island in your UV channel.

Hi and thanks for reply

No Errors when i build the light. I try it allready without normal map and texture.
Here are two pictures from my uv map.

I create a new one and resize the small pieces, same ressault. Thats the only problem i got with lightmapping so far.
All other modells work without any issue.

Hi there

Which lightmap resolutions have you tried out so far?

I had a simliar issue but resolved it by incresing the res.



From 64 till 1024

Shadows on the Box from other modells works perfect.

Unless you see those individual wood pieces I would just make the sides of those crates as a single plane

Oh good point, are those separate planks or is this one plane per side? If they’re separate, you might also want to check normals (if you have a slight bevel on the edges) and the smoothing groups. Or, as viper said, try a single plane.

Thanks for your help

I give up now and made the Box with single planes :wink:

Try to clear your smoothing groups…. “clear all” when all polygons are selected…
Also check your mesh for overlapping faces and issues within the mesh….

Clear the smoothing groups … thats solve my problem.
Thank you so much Adik :wink:

Sure :slight_smile: Just keep in mind that this doesn’t works always out… especially when you need “smoothing groups”…

Will keep it in mind :wink: