Lightmap problem after reopen project

Lightmap problem after reopen project. Rendering lightmap> save scene> close program>open again> bad lightmap?!?!

With the information provided, this is not enough to proceed.

This really only looks like it could be one of the following:

  • Low lightmap resolution
  • Poor UV Lightmap layout: UV islands get too low of a resolution, even with a large lightmap
  • Shading differences between actors with static indirect lighting, which is a limitation of the current implementation of lightmass.

To continue investigation the following information is needed::

  • Needs to be reproducible. Are you able to reproduce this in a blank project or only with your level/project/assets?
  • Screenshot of Lightmap Density View (ViewMode > Optimizations > Lightmap Density)
  • Screenshot of UV Layout of the most offending assets like the curved desks
  • Specific light settings used

Thank you!


If you provide the other information I requested I’ll have much more to work from and offer some suggestions.