Lightmap Issue

Hi folks,

I have a problem with Lightmaps like everybody. But don’t think it is a silly question like “plz hellppp i export model and built it warned me about uv overlapped whats happening???” I know overlapping issue and i haven’t any problem about it. It is crystal clear for me. Maybe you think i’m perfectionist but i want to make perfect lightmaps. I mean that, there is a lightmap uv which works perfectly with every resolution (64,128,256,512,1024). I design big scenes sometimes and i don’t want to use more than 256 resolution.

Is it a dream? I tried everthing, i watched every tutorial… But i can’t achieve… Light bleeds and leaks…

Note : I’m using 3ds Max 2016. Flatten mapping is not working always. Box and planar is too… Snapping method is very hard and and sometimes impossible with complicated objects like a pillow, quilt or statues. Unreal Engine is amazing but Lightmap issue kills my ambition.

-to get a perfect result you will have to lay out the uv’s by your own (even though it will be really time consuming)
-take a look at this link to get all needed information about the lightmaps + the problems:
-when you use an open world map, it’s better when you use dynamic lights :slight_smile: