Lightmap density view showing all in blue after bake

After baking lighting the lightmap density view shows all the lightmapped objects as solid blue with no checker board, if you move or reset the lighting in any way on the object that object’s density appears correctly.

and after i move an object that object will display density correctly

I’ve noticed this as well, it seems to be a DX12 issue.

I am having this issue using dx11 dx12 and vulkan.

I could be remembering it wrong, also it seems you are in UE4? I’m on 5 and it is still there. So maybe a project setting.

I didnt notice it when i was in 5 but then again I was using lumen and not the lightmapper lol. Ill go through project settings and try some different things, if i end up figuring it out
Ill let you know.

I’ll try out some things as well and get back to you.

So I had enabled virtual textures and lightmaps for using the GPU lghtmapper. I no longer use the GPU lightmapper (it was slower than the CPU lightmapper for some reason) and had turned off the virtual texture checkbox, but that left the check box on for virtual lightmap textures even though it was greyed out. So I reenabled virtual textures, and unchecked virtual texture lightmaps and after a restart and shader recompile the lightmap density view works as expected. So my issue is resolved but for anyone running into this it seems to be a bug working with virtual textures.

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