Lightmap baking on daytime/night senario

Hi , i want my game to be have lights when it is night and when sun rises , i want those light to be turned off . so , with baked lightmaps , how can i do that ?
when i take bake , light always exist .
Thanks !

Hi, have you looked into lighting scenarios?

hi , thanks for message , i cheched it right now but the thing is that i didn’t understand is what should happen to object at all levels ? i mean if i have tree on persistent level , should they be copied and pasted to all levels with baked light which is means will i have 3 trees on 1 project ? yea i am so confused :smiley:
or it will copy baked light inside of sub level and bring only “lightmaps” not “object” into persistent level ? please explain to me :smiley: sorry for bad english tho

Hi. All your objects/meshes should be on the persistent level (you don’t need to copy your tree into the other levels), and then for a day/night scenario you’d want to have another level for ‘Day’ lighting and another level for ‘Night’ lighting.

In the day & night levels that’s where you should keep all your respective lights (spotlights/point lights/direction lights/HDR etc). Just ensure that your day & night levels are changed to ‘lighting scenario’ in the Levels window when you stream them in. When you go to build lights, I believe it would build Day lighting, then build Night lighting after.

Here’s a video tutorial that might help you: Unreal Engine 4.14 - Toggle between Day And Night Scene Using Precomputed Lighting Scenario Tool - YouTube . But as I’ve mentioned & as per the top comment, you just need 1 level with all the meshes, then stream in your lighting scenarios levels (it’s faster than how the video does it but it’s still good to see the lighting scenario feature in action). Hope that helps.

okay, thanks so much ! it did help a lot

sorry for bother you sir but there is one question left . think that you made a building on your game , then night is here and you want your building be have lights and on when night . so , what if you didn’t create that building and there souldn’t be light when night because lights were belong that building , so question is how we can adjust that light to buildings , not to map ? or what is simillar method of my question

shortly , light be there if only there is belonging house exist