[Lighting / UE5] Light leaking / “cast shadows” poor performance?

Hi all, I’m having an issue with lighting.

My level is made of cubes, with each cube having four rect lights. One per wall, facing inward. With ‘cast shadows’ enabled, my FPS drops from ~250 to ~60. I’m relatively new to Unreal, is it normal for this to be so performance heavy? I’m running an RTX 3070 with an AMD 5600x cpu, for reference.

If I disable ‘cast shadows’ on my rect lights, the performance is great, however I get some light leaking between the metal.

The problem (blue light leak through metal)

The next room

I use 4 rect lights on each wall of the cube

Any suggestions on how to find a solution here? Either:

  1. Why am I getting such poor performance with ‘cast shadows’ enabled on my lights? Am I missing something easy?
  2. How can I fix the light leaking, if I keep ‘cast shadows’ disabled?
  3. Is there a better way to light a scene like this?

Additional information:

I render only what is in sight - the poor performance occurs even with a single cube.

" (disabled ‘virtual shadow maps (beta)’), and disabled “Temporal Super Resolution”

I’ve tried disabling lumen.

I’ve tried using point lights / spot lights, however they don’t give the look I am going for.

I’ve tried shortening the attenuation radius of my rect lights, however I lose the lighting I need for the scene, and the leaking is still visible at sharp angles.