Lighting Static Mesh Info object marked as None

Hey everyone,

I’ve been doing some Light Bake Test and wanted to optimize my baketime a bit.
When I check what takes the most time in baking the statistics show some objects marked as taking a big chunk of the total Lighting Time.

It seems to be literally nothing in my scene so I’d like to know what this is and if and how i can get rid of it ?


Hey afklamer -

Those “Nones” are your BSP Geometry brushes in the level. Each face of the BSP will be called None, so a cube would have 6 Faces each called “None”

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hey Eric,

Thanks that kind of makes sense =)
Im still a bit confused sicne usually when I click an object I get to se which one in my scene it is, the “nones” dont work like that. Is there a way to identify a none ? I’d love to check some of them out since they seem to take significant amounts of rendertime.


Unfortunately not directly. However you can use the Lighting Complexity and Shader Complexity visualization settings to narrow down exactly which BSP plane is causing the most problems. Simple change the Lit drop down to Light Complexity and/or Shader Complexity.