Lighting stained glass with spot light

I’m trying to light this room trough a stained glass roof.I read the documentation and from what i got you can only get this effect using static light. Most of my level gets its lighting from a directional/sky light, so i decided to put two static spot lights just above the roof, yet after a light build there is no visual effect. Maybe I need to increase the intensity of the light but i don’t want to to make it to bright. Any help and pointers would be greatly appreciated.

A few pics:

Hi Trekz,

Just wanted to make sure you’ve seen this document here: Using Colored Translucent Shadows in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

You mention you’ve looked at the documentation, but in the event this page was missed it can be helpful for setting up Colored Shadows.

How is material setup? Are you using a Unlit or Lit stained glass material?

Also, to better test this and make sure you’re getting a brightness and look you like in your scene disable the Directional Light for the moment and do a build. this should indicate if you’re getting the stain glass to pass correctly, and by how much you should increase/decrease the spot lights intensity. Also, whether you should increase the lightmap resolution of the static meshes that are receiving the shadow as well.

Let me know.