Lighting/Sky Winter Scene (Quixel)

Hey guys, ive been following this tut Realistic Snow in UE4 with Quixel Mixer - YouTube (Time stamp is perfect) i always have trouble with lighting my level. My question is, how is he getting that sky like that and that type of color grading over all. Is it a LUT? What settings should i mess with in Post processing and in my lights to achieve this look, i really love winter and always try to look for the perfect lighting for it but can never figure it out, if any one has any tips that would be nice :slight_smile: thanks.

try this and maybe you get closer to the look you want: use lower hemisphere color (inside skylight settings) and sample it from the ground albedo which in this case is snow. it gives bounce light effect to your scene.

Maybe its time to get into lighting. this guy has very good tutorials to get you starting (51Daedalus - YouTube) . there might be more than one solution to your problem. so would be good to understand the basics of lighting. you can also check this scene by koola which is free to download and maybe you can reverse engineer from that.

here is the video of the scene