lighting, shading is blotchy

hi firends!
i’m pretty new to lighting and i’ve been trying to create a room. everything was fine until i built it… i’ve tested different lights roofless different skylight settings and i’m low on options if you can give suggestions to help fix this id appreciate the help greatly! ive also shown a light map for the table thats is very very odd looking, and im not sue how to fix the mess that that is most other lightmaps are fine!
here’s the last image i ran out of space:

it just doesn’t look right.
if you want more images or informations i am more than happy to cooperate!
another thing they look fine when they are stationary, but not floor shadows.



Your lightmaps are not right… well at least the table… you shouldn’t have overlapping parts in your lightmap uvs! /if they do you’ll have the same lighting information visualized on those overlapping polygons!
…I think your lightmap resolutions are also too low…

That is most likely caused by the baked Ambient Occlusion, the desk is thin and has geometry at the bottom side that generates AO.