Lighting rebuilding however still getting lighting needs to be rebuilt message

I have my level close to finished and Ive encountered a rather irritating problem im getting the message lighting needs to be rebuilt constantly however when i do a build or build lighting only it completes at 100% with no errors but i still get the message lighting needs to be rebuilt.

Things ive tried

  • Deleting the swarm cache folder
  • Changed light quality and rebuilt
  • Build lighting only
  • Made sure Swarm Agent was allowed on the fire wall
  • Checked that allowed static lighting was true in default engine.ini
  • Restarted Unreal

make sure you save your level before light buliding.
if you are using level streaming you must be in persistent level when try to build.

Everything is saved the level and the blueprints.The problem is still there

I’m having the same problem, is there any fix for this?

If you’re seeing the warning for "Lighting needs to be rebuilt! (x unbuilt object(s)) then you should use the console command for DumpUnbuiltLightInteractions and then open up the Output Log Window to see what actors are listed for causing the unbuilt lighting issue.

This is the first step in tracking down what your issue is. From there you can investigate the offending object(s) and correct the issue so that it doesn’t become unbuilt or doesn’t need to be built for static lighting.

World Settings → Force No-Precomputed Lighting = True (It is a checkbox, so check it)