Lighting problems

Hey everyone!

I’ve been running into some issues related to the lighting on my project, like extremely dark spots on my foliage and drastic changes in light when I zoom in in certain assets…


Finally, here are the errors I come across when building the lighting only… it’s quite a lot and I don’t really have a clue on how to proceed…

Uff try to use dynamic lightning and not build (movable) and see if it works with:

  • If you are using nanite open the mesh and set fallback to 0

  • About foliage try:
    foliage.forceLOD 0

  • And if you are using Raytracing:
    r.Raytracing.Geometry.InstancedStaticMeshes.Culling 0

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Ah here there is a good video about it:

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Hey alberto!

Thank you so much for the tips and resources, with your help I was able to determine most of my problems were caused by ray tracing and I decided to turn it off for the time being so that I can focus on other aspects of my project.

To fix the extremely dark shadows around my foliage assets I adjusted the intensity of my scene’s light, so that has pretty much been fixed too.

I would just like to ask you if you have any clue of what this specific issue seems to be caused by on the branches of my megascans assets?

The sudden change from light to dark, if you know what I mean.

Thanks again for the help!

Probably that branches are using a different material than the main one, take a look to the material itself.

Any warning? How it looks the preview?

I’m not too sure of how to check if that’s right, but it seems to be since the sapling’s material is completely black just like those branches…

Would you walk me through how you’d go about checking it?

Yeah but open the material is assigned to that branch, how it looks?


I see nothing in that resolution :sweat_smile:
But do you think the preview it’s ok? It has wind?

The idea is to find the difference between the main branches and the smallest, something like that must be the problem, is weird

If you add another light in front the black branches still black?

Sorry about the resolution haha, I’m not too sure of how big of a file I can upload to a thread…

Anyway, the preview does have wind although it does not actively roll the animation, only when I edit the fields associated with it.

When I add another light behind the branches it seems like it does react, but not correctly, still looking out of place when next to the larger branches…

It might also have something to do with the errors I’m getting when building the lighting, certainly:

I’ll make sure to look around further and post the answer here if I manage to fix it and understand how I did it haha!

OMG I know what is happening
I think you are trying to use static lights

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I changed my skylight to “moveable” and all those annoying little shadows suddenly dissapeard!

Thank you so much haha!


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