Lighting problems - Black Object

Hey guys,
i just wanted to try out my room, made with blender. I imported it as .fbx and all the materials came with it. Now I placed it, it looked weird, I tried to build lightning - black.
Here is the object before building:

and after building lightning, it looks like this:

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your response,

Hello DreamblocksTV.
This can be multiple things. Are your lightmaps correct? Do you have a skylightin your scene? is everything set to static?

if the mesh is movable and you dont have a ‘lightmass importance volume’, everything will be black.
if you dont have the correct lightmap UV set, or UE4 isnt set to build it for you, and you haven’t set the correct lightmap index in the mesh properties, everything will be black.

By the way: I think it is not a good idea to put all this in one single object. It will be a hard task to create a good Lightmap, you also will get Problems with the Collision and you can not reuse thinks like the plant or the carpet in another room.