Lighting Problem

Hi everyone im having a little problem with my meshes lighting:

the problem is that that the other half if the top part (The light part) is half out side and half inside but is to light on the inside im have tried a few things but haven’t got the light to be dark inside and light out side:

the other half on the other side of the roof:

Lightmaps i have tried:

Outside the building:

Any help would be appreciated thanks guys :slight_smile:

Been there done that :smiley:

If you are just using a direct light then you need to add a sky light to control the overall lighting balance between light and dark areas. It’s kind of like a form of brightness and contrast control.

The other thing you might what to add is a post process volume.

Hi thanks for the response i have added a sky light but and messed with the values but still no change

Check your direction of the direction light. (select and you should see an arrow pointing in the direction the light is being projected)

If it’s any where near 90 degrees to the ground plane then anything it hits will project very long and dense shadows.

If its suppose to be midday then the arrow should be near to pointing straight down and the sky light should then be able to light up the entire inside of the building.