Lighting Problem

For some reason everytime I build the lighting my model becomes black. Is there a way to fix it?

Before build:

After build:


Could be lightmap UVs, are they setup correctly. You can do it or use generate lightmaps.
Are the lights set to stationary?
Are you using the default lightmass settings in world settings?

Are the normals on the Poly’s the right way, maybe flip them or test by dropping in a cube into the scene to see if that’s okay.

I don’t know to be honest I saw this .blend file online and just downloaded it to edited some of the objects so it’s not all joined together, added some extra stuff, and made materials for it. It’s just weird how when I build the lighting the object becomes black.

Probably the normals then. You might get lucky lucky recomputing the normals via the mesh editor.

Any videos on how I could do that?

If you’re using anything that is going to be static and not dynamic/movable you will need to have a second UV channel for your lightmap.

How to create it ?? Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: 2nd UV Channel (english) - YouTube

When you get the lightmap created and imported to ue4 go into the mesh editor and change the lightmap resolution from 32 to 64 or 128. That will get rid of the few artifacts in shadows you’ll get. If they’re still there try 256.

are a few useful resources

Ok guys thanks for the videos I’ll look into it later, I’m leaving for work right now I’ll get back and let you all know if I fixed it.