Lighting Problem

Can someone explain me why my directional light (stationary) make only dynamic shadows over my static meshes?

Can you post some screenshots please? Viewport, light settings, etc.

Light Settings

World Settings

Dynamic Shadows = ON

Dynamic Shadows = OFF

Set Dynamic Shadow Distance StationaryLight value(under Cascaded Shadow Maps tab of your directional light) to 0 if you dont need dynamic shadows. Currently it is set to 10000, meaning the light is supposed to use dynamic shadows until you are 10000 units away from the objects. And since you disabled dynamic shadows it wont cast anything. When you set it to 0 it will start using only static shadows.

That worked fine, thanks, but now this happend on my dinamyc objects

Well you’ve turned dynamic shadows off so the window frames arent casting shadows. Set Dynamic Shadow Distance to default value(20k), enable dynamic shadows and see if it gives you the looks you want.

If I do that, the problem is that there are ONLY dynamic shadows, my static objects cast dynamic shadows and not static.
For example, in the image below I have a spotlight that “generate” static shadows for the static walls and dynamic shadows for the doors.

With a directional light can I have both one?

Hey lxSTONExl,

So what you want is to have dynamic objects that cast only dynamic lights and static with static respectively.

When you select an object and go to details > Lighting > There is a section where you can turn on and off what kind of shadows you would like for that object to receive. You can create a light for the dynamics and a light for the static and then adjust your settings accordingly,