Lighting problem on Modular floor tiles.

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I’m getting a strange error in UE4 where my lightmaps (I think) have sharp cut-offs in between each module, instead of smooth shading. I’ve changed all of settings I could think of to see if I get a different result, and nothing changes. Is this a common problem that might have a solution that I’m not thinking of? I’ve never had this issue before in UE3, and I’ve run out of ideas on what to do.

Hey CNewman,

This is a known problem that exists with Lightmass. rendering team is working on this, but fixing it is a heavy undertaking and there is no time-frame for a solution.

In meantime, you may need to create less modular and more specific flooring for your levels. But we also encourage community to explore other ways to handle map-specific instances of lighting issues, so if you find something that works for you please share!


One work around you can do is to put a very simple detail mesh over seams between tiles. In official “Mobile Temple” demo they have sections of walls, but at every seam they cover it with a column detail mesh. In real world it’s common to cover gaps between sections of floors with a floor joint cover. However, I hope ultimately they do fix this as we’d like to be able to have smooth floors made from precisely made and placed tiles without seams in some cases (tile based games for example).

Hi ,

I know it’s a bit early, but do you have any news on this ? Is 4.2 version going to fix this issue ?


So it has been a few months I guess since this post has been…posted…

I’m still running into this annoying issue of modular assets + lightmass = poo

I tried changing static lighting level scale to .1 - rather than 1 in world settings seams became a bit less noticeable

There might be something wrong with my level though - but i took same wall and floor assets into another level to test them out and I got

But as I move a bit further away from light I get this

Is it solved in newest versions of engine, for example in 4.10?

Right-click “Creating single static mesh from selected actors” and replacing single ones could be a workaround

Oh jeez, it happened again…

So adding 'Force Volumetric Lightmap" in object might help