Lighting not passing through glass


I have a static mesh that has 2 elements 1 is the generic material and the bottom is a Glass material.

I am having an issue that seems to prevent light from shining through the glass material.

As seen by the images if the Point light is inside the asset the light does not shine through.

However if the asset is selected the light seems to shine through perfect.

The 3rd image is to show if the light is just outside the bottom of the asset.

Any assistance in regards to this would be amazing.


Is the light movable, stationary or static? If it’s stationary or static, it might simply be that the lighting needs to be built. Worth a shot.


I have built the light several times even though it’s movable but still no change.

This has confused me a great deal.


Hi Kuuwahi,

4.10 had an issue with Translucent Materials blocking any light like this unless it was selected in the viewport. This only affected objects that had multiple material elements though. This has been resolved in 4.11. You can test this for yourself in 4.11 Preview 6, which is available via the Epic Games Launcher or GitHub if you’re using source builds.

Thank you!