Lighting needs to be rebuilt after reopening project

Hello and good afternoon. I have ran into what I think is a weird lighting problem.

We have a main persistent level and 6 sublevels. 5 out of the 6 sublevels are fine and there are no issues. However we have one that houses the main environment. It constantly says lighting needs to be rebaked. Okay, I rebuild lighting. Everything works as intended. No more lighting needs to be built error. Hit PIE and run though everything is fine. So I save the project, close it, then reopen it. Same sublevel keeps telling me I need to rebuild lights again, except it still lists my previously built lightmaps in the world settings. That is essentially the gist of the problem.

I have tried multiple solutions, disabling precomputed lighting, saving, reopening, rebuilding. Open the sublevel as a standalone and rebuild lighting. I threw all the lights into a lighting scenario, rebuilt. But the error persists. At this point I think it might be because that particular sublevel is made of an actor blueprint that has children blueprints with children blueprints and some of those having lights in them. But honestly, I don’t know.

Edit: After playing around some more. I exported that environment to its own level. At scale 1:1:1 with an empty scene it says I need to rebuild ~300 objects. However, when I scale the environment down to the correct size of .62 Unreal now says I need to rebuild ~1400 objects.

Alright, I believe I figured out. It was a child in the blueprint. Someone had put a few point lights into it and instead of it being set for real-time, it was set to static. When the environment blueprint was scaled down, I guess the lighting attenuation or size doesn’t scale with it? Might be a bug? Resulting in needing to cast more light onto more objects. I swapped the lights to real-time and now my light baking errors have disappeared. Although this seems to be a work around at best. If I absolutely needed to bake the lights would still be running into this error.