Lighting Lines On Mesh

Hey all, I’m getting some ugly lines on one of my meshes when I import it from Maya to UE4.

This is aggravating my as it’s a simple mesh and I’ve done it hundreds of time but this time the problem just won’t go away. My UVs and Lightmap UVs seem fine.



Mesh attached

Help is appreciated.

Appears to be smoothing groups.

Looks like the smoothing of your mesh is messed up. Also, you have a ton of wasted polygons, when you make a loop to make a window you don’t need to keep it looping around. For example, you can make the corner connect to the corner of the wall rather than having a vertical and horizontal loop.

Checked the mesh. Smoothing groups are fine. You have to reset the normals. I don’t know how it’s done in Maya but in Max I add a EDIT NORMALS modifier, select all normals and click on Reset.

You guys are heroes.

It was the vertex normals. I fixed them by resetting them like Maximum-Dev said. “Set to Face” worked.

I don’t really understand why this happened it’s the first time something like this has happened in hundreds of imports. Smoothing groups, lightmap uvs, or softening normals usually fixes it - I’ve never messed with the vertex normals before.


Ya know, I always thought there would be a more efficient way of doing edge loops.