Lighting large areas in VR

In a mobile VR project I’m currently working on I need to illuminate some very large areas. Imagine you can see night city streets both from bird’s eyes view and the usual human point. The city is real size scaled, but only one very small part of it is detailed and has normal light sources. And I need all the city be illuminated, so I can see large lit areas from the top.
The usual light sources just can’t be that big. Using many static lights is just too much work and can cause a lot of problems. So I probably have to fake it somehow. Maybe someone here already dealt with that kind of problem? I can’t use any kind of post processing, and any sort of translucensy causes perfomance problems :confused:

Hi Zhu,

My favorite way to light a mobile-vr scene is by simply adding a Skylight. This will create a “base-level” of illumination that you can add to with other light sources. I’ve also had good results with dynamically changing the brightness of the Skylight. (If you need to transition from birds-eye to human scale)

Let us know how it goes!

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The thing is that I need to fake night city illumination somehow, when the coloured light goes up from streets, and top of buildings fades in dark. The one idea I`m thinking about is to make a gradient in my material from emissive to non- but I doubt it will look good, for there is no bloom effect in VR

I found a solution which is maybe not that good, but helps us a bit with this problem. I’m using hidden in game planes with emissive materials, “use emissive as static light” checked.