Lighting issues: Patches of light passing through a solid mesh when using baked shadows. Also, odd yellowish glow.

I have been battling a weird lighting issue for some time now where patches of light pass through meshes when using baked lighting.

Here is an example of the problem:


As you can see there are two holes in the baked shadow where light is coming through a solid mesh.

  • It is only a problem with baked lighting, dynamic light is fine.
  • The mesh itself has no holes, no problems with normals or anything like that.
  • I have tried upping the lightmap res of all of the meshes in the scene to 512px in attempt to fix it (no luck).
  • I have tried different static light levels, which have varied the shape slightly, but the light leaks/holes remain.
  • Setting the mesh to render two sided seems to fix the problem, but the problem happens in all random places, and I don’t really want to set all meshes to do two sided shadows as I imagine it will up the lightmap file size/reduce performance. It didn’t seem like a real fix to the problem.

Any suggestions that lead to a proper permanent solution for this issue would be hugely appreciated!

On a side note about the image below… I was also wondering if anyone could identify where the yellowness of the lower half of the mesh is coming from? It’s odd and I’d like to remove it if possible. As you can see to the left of the image, the yellowness isn’t harsh like that on all the meshes, but it does have a slight hue.


Here’s a show of the full scene to get an idea of how the yellowness stands out:

Suggestions of a fix for both issues would be greatly appreciated! Especially for the shadow issue.

Cheers in advance!