Lighting issues and general cc please guys

Hi guys so as you can see in the video my game looks very bland and void of much colour . The zombie character is a placeholder. And my final aim is to have a cutesy cartoon style so any advice on that is greatly appreciated .Also in the video you will see that as walk to the edge of the water you see a sort of motion blur problem
(I DO NOT USE MOTION BLUR ) Im sure that this is a basic lighting issue . basically i am looking for cc and a bit of advice on the lighting issue thanks guys…

LOL come on guys if what i have so far sucks just say so i wont be offended much . i appreciate that what i have so far is mainly just a scene but its the art side of things i want crit on

The water problem you have is due to how Screen Space Reflections work

Is one approach to achieve better water reflections

And for your lighting, It feels like the world is being lit like an overcast/cloudy day

Try using a strong, warm directional light as the sun and get some shadows going on in there

first of all, timezones exist. 4 hours for a reply is basically no time at all. i understand the temptation to bump the post, but as active as these forums seem, they dont get the moment-to-moment traffic that somewhere like reddit gets.

as for your water and lighting, Bankworthy had it right: screen-space reflections can only reflect what the screen is currently rendering. for more believable water, try using a ‘planar reflection’ actor.
your trees and shrubbery look to not have any shadowing info on them at all, have you set them to ‘static’ and ‘cast shadow’? a strong directional light and sky light are your friend: try messing with the angle of the directional light, and mess with some of the settings on the bp_skySphere to see what you can achieve.