Lighting Issue

So, the level is supposed to be at night, but everything I seem to tweak doesn’t get rid of the fact that the ground, and some of the exterior walls are still reflecting a seemingly non existent light source. Any idea’s why this is happening?

Fairly new to all of this…


Do you have any lights in your scene? If yes, delete all of them and make a new one. If you´ve already done so, make sure to create a post process volume and checkmark all things, which has to do with lighting and set these values to 0. Don´t forget to checkmark “Unbound” in the post process properties. If it doesn´t help, can you maybe take a screenshot of your scene outliner, so I can take a closer look? :).

Kind regards,

Found it! When I took to screen cap of the scene outliner for you I found a random light hidden among everything!

Thank’s for the help!

No problem! I am glad to be of help. Happy developing :).