Lighting Issue with Skeletal Mesh

I recently modeled a shotgun in Blender for use in Unreal Engine, however, upon importing the object, the shadowing/shading becomes broken.

The above image is what the mesh looks like when rendered in Luxrender. The UV’s are obviously not broken, and the shading is fine.

This image is what the mesh looks like upon importing into Unreal Engine. Upon looking closely, I can tell that this is not simply an issue with broken UV’s, as the details of the texture are preserved and in their proper places. I can only assume that something is wrong with my Blender FBX export settings.


Above are my export settings. Using faces for smoothing has worked with all meshes in the past. As mentioned before, this is a skeletal mesh used as the gun in the FPS template, so it had to be imported as a skeletal mesh. In Blender, all objects are parented to the barrel of the gun in order to keep them as a single skeletal mesh when imported into UE. I’ve tried simply joining all of the meshes in Blender, but the same issue seems to arise.

So, my question is, is this an issue with my exporter settings, an issue with my lighting build settings (just the ‘Production’ quality preset was used), or an issue with the mesh itself. Thanks for the help in advance.