lighting issue going from 4.12 to 4.14?

Why has my map terrain all gone black having moved from 4.12.5 to 4.14 of unreal?

More importantly how do I fix this?

-do you still have a material on your landscape?
-what happens when you set your lights to “moveable”/dynamic?
-are you able to paint on your landscape (probably it has removed the layers)
-do you get any warnings/errors? :slight_smile:

Hi Fighter, Yes, I still have a material assigned to the landscape but its all black in the editor.

no change

seemingly, but I can’t see the results, the materials and layers are showing correctly in the landscape mode

No errors are showing.

I’d really appreciate some help guys, I’ve got to demo a project tomorrow.

This is getting weird, I’ve restarted ue4.14 and now the landscape material can be seen but the BSP looks much more jagged then it did in 4.12 and i need to click in the viewport before the player starts to move?

Any ideas on how to fix, this is super urgent???

Hmm, could you post a pic how it looks like? -> what happens when you set your quality settings to “epic” :slight_smile:


I’ve currently used both the epic setting and the one above, it looks no better.

I’ve changed AA to FXAA and switched off motion blur, it still looks jagged