Lighting is acting weird inside room

I think I need a tutorial on how to make a light for a room.

i was specting someone more qualified to answer your question, but maybe i can help, what exactly you want? the lighting in your ss looks weird, but i’m not sure if you’re reporting a bug or if those shadows were cast by your mesh and you just want Level Design hints, i suppose you are aware you can just add pointlights and spotlights to use in your room, but anyway i will just send these 2 videos i found on youtube about lighting, not mine, i’ve not seen them, but maybe they help you:

What I want exactly is a fully lighted room with no weird lighting flaws. Also there will be windows with probably light flooding in.

Also, these tutorials don’t help me, first one is about changing the files themselves, which i dont want to do, and second is with no voice, just video, which I don’t prefer.

if you just want a fully lighted room a pointlight (or a spotlight) would be enough… i will send a ss of how it looks with a pointlight:

maybe these lighting flaws are just caused by shadows over the lamp mesh…

Could a skylight affect the point light? For example the capsule on my point light is going outside the room. Should I make it smaller?

if the “capsule” is going outside the room it means the light can reach there, but if there’s a wall or something “in the way” it will cast shadows and there won’t be light there (even if the capsule goes there), you can can adjust the intensity (increase the intensity will make it shine brighter) and adjust the “attenuation radius” (increasing it will make the light going further, but as i said if there’s something in the way it will “stop” the light), the light can still go through your window (at least if your window looks like the one in my ss) if you should change it/make it smaller is up to you, you have to adjust it till it looks like what you want, a skylight can affect the point light (the lights will be kinda “summed”) but in this case your walls won’t let this happen.