Lighting inside and outside evenly

Hey there I’m doing a demo VR app to show the academics for the university I work for.

And I’m wondering how you guys do your lighting when you have a interior and exterior scene?

I have this factory, which looks nice with this Auto Exposure setting (because otherwise the factory would be too dark) and the normal lights just aren’t producing the same effect…

but outside it’s looking way over exposed…

when really it should look like this

but to do that I have to change the Auto Exposure setting down to 1, which the factory ends up looking like this…

Any tips to fix something like this?

There’s 3 options.

  • Change the minimum and maximum brightness to allow the eye adaption to work.

  • Light the scene in a completely unrealistic way. An interior isn’t going to be a bright as an exterior unless you crank up the interior lights and fill lights to match how bright the exterior is.

  • Have separate post processing volumes for the inside and outside where you set the exposure bias.

Please headslap me, I’ve been watching so many tutorials that say to keep the Post Process Volume unbound that I didn’t realise you could have multiples of them.

Thanks for all your help!

Yeah, you can. You should have an Unbound PostProcess volume for the bulk of the world abs smaller ones for smaller, more tricky areas. I’ve actually got well over 50 placed in one of my levels. The important thing though, is that the smaller volumes have the ‘Unbound’ option disabled and the sort/blend priority (Forget which it’s called off the top of my head), set to a number larger than that of the Unbound volume. That tells the engine to switch to the more smaller volume when the camera enters it.

Thanks for that Riley1389,

will definitely keep that in mind for future projects.