Lighting in tappy chicken


I am trying to make something similar to the tappy chicken example. The example doesn’t contain any Lightingstuff like directional light, point light spot light …
But the Blueprint BP_MainGame can be seen from the camera.
In my project I created a BP_Game which has three components. One component is a red staticmesh. When I start the game (and see the game through the camera) everything is black! When I simulate or eject than I can see the blueprint (the red mesh).

I tried setting a Lightsource in front of the blueprint. Than I can see it! But the tappy chicken examples doesn’t place a pointlight or spotlight. How is it done? What am i missing?


Hm… maybe I found the solution? Do I must have a Texture and set the Brightness there to one? (And use the Texture to create a material and so on…)

You could try to disable lightning system, engine can do that in editor when you turn on unlit mode

I think that setting is just for the editor to see the created level unlit.

Tappy Chicken is using all unlit materials, which is why you can see them without lighting. If you want to set it up the same way, open your materials, select the main material node, then under Details, change Lighting Model to Unlit.

So i need to edit the material? Thanks! Will try it later.

Worked, Thanks!