Lighting in Scene

Hello all

Currently i am working on a chess game and i am just a programmer. I have a scene where shadows are… How do i say, too rough, i think? Here are two screenshots, one from my scene and one from unreal mesh editor.

How do i make shadows much smoother like in the mesh editor. I am just a programmer and a student so getting anyone else is unlikely.

I guess, i need to play around with scene lights. I thought of having two lights in my scene, however i am not sure if this really is a good idea. Can you give me some hints and help me about how to imrove lighting in my scene?

Thanks in advance.

I tried before and added again to show. I guess there is something else wrong with my settings?

In the Mesh Editor, a Directional Light and Skylight are used. Have you tried to use these 2 in your world scene?


So i created a new third person bp project. Took the level with its ready made lighting and rendering stuff. Migrated them to my project and recreated the level functionality in that level after renaming it.

So here is the result :slight_smile: Do you think i can improve it any further like in the mesh editor?