Lighting Help

So, im trying to build something similar to this (Time Stamped) Realistic Snow in UE4 with Quixel Mixer - YouTube my question is, how what do i have to mess with inside of UE4 PP settings or world settings? I want to be able to make my scene have that winter feel. And currently what i have is this, the fog on the ground is off, but i feel like my expontional height fog is off. How could i achieve that look in that video, and i just dont want a simple reply. I want to be able to learn from this and achieve this in the future. I watched the Lighting acdamy but still, its far off from what i got, compared to that snow. My snow is tessellated, literally made it almost like his. I understand my scene wont be like his, but i love his lighting and the over all feel of the winter night. How could i create something like this? And how can i learn to be able to apply it to different scenes.