Lighting for blood impacts is off

I’ve tried two different types of blood impact decals (currently I’m using the FXVille Blood FX pack from the marketplace) and the blood decals are bright red, completely unreal looking. If I play the game in “Unlit” mode, it looks like normal, darker blood. My first thought is the lighting isn’t right but I haven’t been able to figure out how to change it.
Any help would be appreciated.

This can be a number of things, what kind of lighting are you using? Static Precomputed or Dynamic? do you have
a post process volume in your level? does it shade better directly in the sunlight or in a darker room?

here is what I am thinking that could cause this and potential fix

  1. your Post process volume has color changing or bloom intensifying values throwing off your blood’s color uncheck them with the decal in the level see if it makes any difference you may need to adjust them

  2. check the material file that the blood is on, You may need to tweak the Roughness / metallic values to lessen the impact. you can also lower the blood value by adding a constant 3 vector with a darker red and multiplying it with the texture plugged into the defuse.

  3. lower the intensity of your lighting in your Skylight

IF that does not work let me know I may have more solution’s for you!

Thanks! I’ll be sure to try those changes. It is a night map and I’m using dynamic lighting.