lighting error android

so i just finished making a prototype and packaged it for android and when i loaded it up on my phone it said lighting needs to be rebuilt… i was sure i did it so i rebuilt the lighting and packaged it again and swapped the app and it still comes up with lighting needs to be rebuilt…some sort of error either engine or something to do with the android sdk

any light onto this issue will help thanks

Hi ,

This should help you investigate why this error message is coming up for you: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

Use the tips in the troubleshooting section to find out what assets are not built and then you can proceed from there to figure out why that is.


hello thanks for your reply but my issue is not that i cant rebuild the lighting its just when packaged to android devices it comes up on the device with lighting needs to be rebuilt(red letters top left corner)…in the editor its fine no errors just when its packaged to android and dumpunbuiltlighting comes up with 0s aswell…

If you’re game is doing something to invalidate lighting it will bring this message up (at least in development builds, this message is removed in shipping distribution builds afaik).

You can still run the command on Android/iOS by using the four-finger tap and entering the command. Then in the project folder on the device you can look at the log to see what is causing the lighting to be invalidated.

If it’s not happening in your project I’ll, but it is on the device I’ll need detailed repro steps or a sample project that can reproduce the issue. I deploy to android devices often with rendering and lighting issues and have not had this one come up before.

Use the steps above to get the log and we can go from there.

never mind the issue was that unreal engine doesnt overwrite existing packages as they were being written to the same place each time (to save time) it would be nice if you could do that

Build Lightning Only and u can use DisableAllScreenMessages To suppress these Errors