Lighting does not light everything inside its radius


I’m a rookie, and I’m finding the rendering a bit quirky. Doing archviz, and came over the following problem, with the first image looking alright before light build:

However, when the light is built, it looks like this in the corner:

Here it is, with stronger lights, and the shadow still very off:

The light is static. Same problem with spot lights. Anyone know of any solution to this? Really appreciate any help!!

are you using source length?


Yes, tried both with and without.

Are you on production quality for the bake?

Frankly, it looks like you need an intensity setting betweenthe 2nd and third shots. You may need to tweak the shadow settings on the light as well.

Yep, tried that, too.


Could you show us the UV map of the wall you’re trying to get the shadow on? What is the lighmap resolution on that wall? + maybe the material settings?

Oh just something popped into my head:
Do you have LightmassImportanceVolume, LightmassCharacterIndirectDetailVolume and reflection capture covering this room?