Lighting difficulties

I’m making an underground bar and I’m having a few issues with the lighting.


and unlit

At this stage I’m a bit… perplexed as what I’m meant to do. I’ve looked at the rendering example which helped a fair bit, but I’m trying to work on the exceptionally dark spaces without flooding the entire bar with too much light.

I’ve got a lightmass importance volume with settings identical to the rendering example. I’ve got a post processing volume with min and max exposure set to .05 and an exposure bias of 1.32. I’ve adjusted the lightmap resolution of each of the meshes. I’ve played around the position of the spotlights and the color of the ceiling (which does make it show up, but regardless of the color of the ceiling it reflects the color of the floor only).

It isn’t only this scene I’m having issues with, but also a few other scenes with similar lighting schemes. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.