Lighting Different on Similar Objects No Matter What

So, I have been having this issue for a long time. I am trying to make a house of sorts, and I need different types of walls. For example, I need Wall_400x300, Wall_Door_400x300, and Wall_Window_400x300. I am also using M_Basic_Wall with the color changed in the 1st and 3rd images and on the roof, but there is one problem. The lighting is drastically different on the nearby objects. Here are some images:

I have tried every post I could find and still, the issue remains. Please help, it would be very much appreciated.

That’s the lightmass quality problem.Crank the quality up to solve the problem.


Check this link for more information.

Where would I crank that up at?

Also, what was that link for? Did you want me to download the program?


I think your lightmap resolutions are too low and this is why you get a “random” result.
…also if you could show us your lightmass settings + a few info about your scene (lights, portals…).
Can I ask why do you have those spot lights in the windows?

Thank you!
I don’t know what quality you’re after…
I would say that since we have portals there is no need to use the old bounce card method.
I would delete all the “fill” lights you have. I would set a cube map (HDRI image) for the Skylight to get nice realistic lighting. I would put portals in your openings and a lightmass importance volume around your building.
Static lighting level scale (0.1<1 depends on the lighting detail you want)
NILB: depends if you want to use any other lights than your directional sun and the skylight (5<10)
NSLB: 5<10
ILQ: if you see those circle artifact it means it’s too low! 10 is the archviz setting… again: you know what quality you want…
ILS: details again! If you want stronger indirect shadows you’ll need to go down to 0.6… The higher this is the result will be more blurred out…
I tend to turn off compression: it can cause strange results…
Also if you use modular pieces: you had to use SLLS 0.1 and ILS 0.6 to have the same shade between those panels or else there was always a visible line between the two!

Hope it will help!

Oh and I forgot: lightmap resolution!!
You can set in in your mesh’s properties or override that in the editor!
If you want to achieve nice results you’ll have to go a lot higher with your lightmap resolutions!! 512(1024)<4096 per wall!!

Hi, and thank you for your time.

The spot lights that you mentioned are pointed at bounce cards. Also, by lightmap resolutions, do you mean in the details panel of the object itself, or somewhere else? Here are my Lightmap settings in the World Settings panel:

For my lighting I have 9 spotlights pointing at bounce cards, and a light source. I also have 3 spotlights pointing at the ground, and I have 8 flame particle systems, which omit light. Oh, and one dust particle system, which also omits light. Here’s an image from top down wireframe view:

Hope it helps!!

Sorry, I just deleted my previous comment on accident.

The lights that you mentioned are pointed at bounce cards. Also, here is what happens when I increase the light map resolution in the details panel of the object.

Is there any way to create a cubemap without PhotoShop?

I guess you can create them in other graphic apps too…
You can find “hundreds” for free…

Could you give me a few names? I can’t find any.

This is the only one I use: