Lighting Channels don't work correctly in XBoxOne


Apparently, lighting channels are working differently on XboxOne than Win64.

I’ve prepared a very simple project to showcase the issue:

There is an empty map with 3 cubes and 3 dynamic point lights.

From left to right:

Cube1: Only Channel 1 set. Cube2: Only Channel 2 set. Cube3: Only Channel 0 set.

Light1: Red. Only Channel 1 set. Light2: Blue. Only Channel 2 set. Light3: Green. Only Channel 0 set.

At Win64 you see (From Left to right): Red cube, blue cube, green cube

On XBoxOne you see: All cubes are green!

Which means Channel 0 lights are always affecting 1 & 2. And Channel 1 & 2 light are ignored

Has anyone come across this issue?

I suspect it is related to a bug in UE code here:

EngineTypes.h, line 382

inline uint8 GetLightingChannelMaskForStruct(FLightingChannels Value)
// Note: this is packed into 3 bits of a stencil channel
return (uint8)((Value.bChannel0 ? 1 : 0) | (Value.bChannel1 << 1) | (Value.bChannel2 << 2)); //? Different results on different compilers?

Thanks in advance,

Hi, I confirm Lighting Channels don’t work on Xbox One.
Could you please fix it^ It is really important for our project.


Epic, is there any update on this?

You probably wont see much here even if it worked on as console development is under NDA as console manufactures require that