Lighting channels battleling each other


This lighting bug has occurred since the very beginning of our project. We are extensively using litghing channels to block light bleed from non shadow casting point lights. It does work, but it seems to behave like this when we have more and more lights in the level. It only does this on non shadow casting lights. It looks like it is fighting against other lighting channels. It also does the same thing in 4.19 preview 4, when i did a copy of the project to test the new build of UE4.

So here is the context. There are 2 rooms seperated from each other by a hallway. Each room have its lighting channels with every objects on the same channels. The hallway is on the channel 0 and each room are on channel 2. Everything works, but when I get a certain viewport angle for my camera, it merges all the channels together.

Here is a video to show you what is going on.

Thanks for investigating

Oh and by the way, it also does the same thing with a packaged project.


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