Lighting changes in 4.25

Why is it that every time the engine updates, I have to re-jig all my lighting?

This time, everything is much brighter than before.

Is there a simple, well known, way to compensate for this ( like a tweak in world settings ), or do I have to go through every level and figure it out piecemeal?

Thank you!

I just saw this post and as it’s the same question I asked I’ll put the answer here as well in case somebody runs across this thread:

I have solved this issue (as far as I’m aware).

Eye adaptation, also known as “auto exposure” in Unreal Engine is turned off in my game… However, the setting “Auto Exposure Bias” as of 4.25 is set to +1 by default. Even if auto exposure is turned off, this setting is still affecting lighting (this might be a glitch), set this number to 0 and your lighting in PIE should appear the same as it does in the editor and simulation.

Auto Exposure Bias can be found here: Project Settings > Engine > Rendering > Default Settings > Auto Exposure Bias.

Yes, that was me in your other post :slight_smile:

The problem is still there with SkyLight, don´t know why but even if I put 0 to all my lighting, my landscape is still not dark (like black I mean).
You can try to do it manually and put it to 0, and sometimes you will get the desired result, but in a dynamic SkyLight settings, it won´t. Probably gonna change to 4.24 again until they fix this.