Lighting Build Looks Bad/Blurry, Need Help

I´ve tried most things I could come up with but to no result I´ll post my Lightmap density (completely red) and Lightmass settings below. Hopefully some kind and knowledgeable soul could help me out here :slight_smile:

Detailed Lighting:

Lightmap Density

Lightmass Settings:

Super many thanks in advance!


Maybe AO is turned on? Also compressed lightmaps won’t give you clean results ever…
Maybe you’re using one of the DistanceField options? /shadows, AO/
All your objects/walls are separate meshes?

I still don´t know what the issue was, but at some point I copy pasted my lights as I was working on a blinking/flickering light and when i built my lighting with them it looked just like I´d expect it to. Who knows what was wrong, and I built so many times as well. Oh well, shrug