Lighting broken with orthographic view

Hello guys,
could you upvote the following issue, so Epic hopefully going to fix it after almost 3 years?


Thank you very much.

e/ It’s more than the submitted issue, lighting is completly broken. But i didn’t find another bug report.

Top: Perspective view
Bottom: Orthographic view
Stationary Pointlight used

Best thing you can do is using the Perspective Camera and adjust Field of Video to make it look like ortho. Other than that, it will be a pointless fight to wait for them to update ortho lighting, if they ever gonna.

Thanks, working great. But still hoping for a fix someday.


I too experience this grief

Has there been any update to the lighting since then?. I’ve come across the same issue and am looking for a fix or work around.

I tried the perspective camera with a 0.1 degree. The spring arm has to be pushed so far away to get close (not exact) to a similar look and it still has lighting issue due to the distance to the light. Mostly point lights


Three years later, this is still a problem. The top is the camera in perspective mode, the bottom is orthographic.The skylights have shifted a little between pictures, but it’s obvious we’re not getting the same lighting effects between camera types.

Any chance this is getting fixed in UE5?

2021 here, still no shadows in Orthographic!

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UE5, 2021, still broken lmao